Firebase App Analytics

Google Analytics for Firebase is a cloud based ultimate & advanced solution for mobile app analytics. It allows you to visualize and evaluate user behaviour insights in iOS & Android apps without being dependant on developers. Firebase analytics unleash the power of constrictive app reporting with vigorous audience segmentation.   

Below are some key pointers: –

  • Audit existing app current tracking, events & third-party codes etc.
  • Implementation of Firebase App Analytics for iOS & Android.
  • Unlimited reporting on up to 500 event types, with each up to 25 attributes.
  • Custom audience segmentation based on device data, custom events, or user properties.
  • Demographic segmentation, including age, gender, and location, available out-of-the-box.
  • Audience & Event base reporting with customized dashboard visualization.

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Benefits for Your Business

Audience Segmentation:

Audience segmentation in Firebase console is based on device data and user behaviour by utilizing events and user properties, and then use those segments for notifications, A/B testing and Google Ads remarketing.

Easy Attribution Across Networks:

Firebase analytics can integrate easily with multiple ad marketing networks/platforms with one SDK. Right attribution modelling track & attribute app campaign performance across sources.

Monitor Your App Success:

Firebase Analytics is an advanced and dedicated solution to track your app performance. It gives you free & unlimited analytics key to monitor your app success.

User Properties:

>User Properties are defined attributes to segment the user base, such as language preference, geography location, hobbies etc. These can be used to define separate audiences on app.

Set-up Custom Events:

Events are activities that users take in your app. Google Analytics for Firebase allows to capture customized events as per your business objective. Basis events fulfilment, you can identify audience behaviour in your app.

Conversion Tracking:

When Firebase Analytics track your desired action of app, it is called conversion; such as make a purchase, download, form fill etc.

Work process

App Audit & Identify Business KPIs
Analytics tags (Events, conversion etc.) implementation
Data mining, insights & dashboard reports
Strategy, Planning & Implementation

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