Enhanced Ecommerce

Enhanced ecommerce tracking is a complete modernisation of classic ecommerce tracking. It provides you deeper insights into ecommerce engagement of user checkout behaviour. Enhanced ecommerce allows you to identify underperforming products by analysing shopping behaviour & segment based abandonment user journey. Following are some important factors:

  • It can be implemented on Universal Analytics only. 
  • It enables you to capture more ecommerce data, like; Impression data, product data, promotion data, action data.
  • Enhanced Ecommerce allows you to get up to 10 different reports like; Sales performance report, product coupon report, checkout behaviour report etc.

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Benefits for Your Business

Track the Effectiveness of Marketing Campaigns
Create Abandon Audience list & Remarket
Complete Shopping Behaviour Analysis
Identify Pockets of Underachieving Categories
Provide Segment based Funnelization
Detailed & Advance Reporting

Work process

Audit to identify Key business funnels
Implementation of enhanced ecommerce tags
Analyse product, sales & marketing performance
Provide segment base insights & dashboard reports

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