Keywords ranked on First Page in Google Organic Search

Business Background

Ozone always strive to offer technologically advanced hardware & safety products with experience of more than a decade of servicing customers with safety products & solutions. Ozone has achieved an excellent stature for its Electronic Safes arm and is second most popular brand in India

Brand Objective

  • To promote the website in India, Canada & Spain and help build a clientele.
  • To make brand consideration in prospects mind space by getting rank in Google Search results.

Task & Challenges:

  • Keyword research for effective Internet Marketing
  • Content Marketing to attract potential customers
  • Optimize the targeted keywords in Major Search engines
  • Achieve rankings for keywords that searchers use online
  • Increase the ROI of their Business


The Approach:

  • We have recommended to modify website as per search engine optimization guidelines.
  • Our expert Team developed promotional strategy to rank in SERP, along with good Content Marketing, social media organic linking and executed some quality back Link and other ethical Link building stuff to achieve rankings and to drive traffic.
  • The Link Building campaign was started in July 2018, as a result of significant jumps in ranking in the first quarter, client went forward with 12-month organic search contract.


  • Improved 2X traffic on website within 8 Month of Optimization.
  • Eventually all 25 targeted Keywords got first page rank in Google search engine.