Increased in lead form conversion rate

Business Background:

Our mission is to become a reliable partner for all the cleaning needs of our clients by ensuring quality, process-based and prompt services. We believe that the right step taken at the right time can help our clients save money while maintaining hygiene of their commercial or personal space.

Brand Objective:

  • Tanziif target audience was 28 to 54 Age, Mainly Female. 
  • Their objective was to maximize interested leads as conversions.

Task & Challenges:

  • Increase interested users lead on website.
  • Measure bounce rate & accurate reasons to frequent drop-offs.


The Approach:

  • We have recommended to modify the lead form with limited fields.
  • Made changes in User form – Identify the problem that users are not able to add phone number easily for this user takes more than 2 attempts.
  • Evaluate drop offs by analysing Google Analytics funnel, events, segments, behaviour & offline data.


  • Improved 2X Lead conversions within one Month Conversions Before Optimization.
  • Now user can fill the form more freely.
  • Conversions Before Optimization – 25%
  • Conversions After Optimization – 50%