Voice Search Optimization

Voice search optimization technique is also referred as voice SEO. When people use voice instead of text to find desired results in search engines or other platforms, then it is called “Voice Search”. 

After launch of artificial intelligence & other voice recognition technologies, voice search is in trend & it has been increasing drastically. Google itself claimed that 30% to 50% of total searches will be conducted by using voice search till the end of 2020. Therefore, significance of voice search rankings has been growing rapidly. There are different terminology & techniques required for voice SEO, we help businesses to get optimized for Voice Search.

We follow below techniques to optimize voice search

  • Mobile-Centric Approach: More than 70% voice searches are being conducted through mobile devices.
  • Use Featured snippets: Featured snippets are selected search results that are featured on top of Google’s organic results below the ads in a box
  • Long-tail keywords: Voice search queries are predominantly longer than text queries and use conventional language more
  • Local listings & WH Family Searches: Maximum voice search requests consist “how”, “what” & “near me” type of queries
  • Provide strategies for voice & text queries: We optimize SEO efficiently for dynamically respond to Voice Search-specific questions, phrases and queries
  • Leverage FAQ Page:  frequently asked questions (FAQ) page is very essential for your voice optimization efforts

We’ve had the privilege to work with some of the leading brands around the world.

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Align business with fast changing Search Dynamics.
Increase brand awareness & “Top of Mind” recall
Directs more interested users to your website or store
Connect with local (nearby) product or service seekers
Enhances user engagement with FAQ response
A high scope of conversion and sales

Work process

Conduct Keywords Research & Site Audit
Identify Challenges, Competition & Potential
Make Win Strategy & Approach Roadmap
Implement Techniques & Practices to Rank in Voice Search

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