Funnel & Customer Journey Optimization

Funnel optimization is the progression of refining a sales funnel and its stages, in order to achieve maximum acquisition and retention of potential customers. This is considered as an effective way to boost conversions and drive Sales. We help businesses to reduce “lost counts” significantly and cultivate less committed visitors into efficient doer. Majority of conversion funnels follow four major stages; as mentioned below:

  • Awareness – Initial stage to make prospect aware about brand & offerings.  
  • Interest – Prospect evaluate whether you can fulfil his needs or not
  • Desire – Prospect would show intention basis USP, offerings or personalization
  • Action – Final stage where prospect takes action & convert in a business for you

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Benefits for Your Business

Thorough Marketing Insights:

Funnel Optimization provide detailed insights about leads behaviour. It also helps to keep track and identify the people who look more interested in product or services.

Small Objectives to Ultimate Goal:

Conversion Funnel allows us to setting up transitional objectives in user journey which assist to accomplish the ultimate goal. 

Visualize the Conversion Path:

With Conversion path visualization, we can improve user journey & identify opportunities for next level optimization.

Automate the Process:

Funnel optimization process can be automated which saves time & efforts. It also reduces errors due to less manual dependency.

Identify the Barriers:

Conversion funnel optimization gives you step-by-step analysis to recognize hurdles that halt prospect jumping to next funnel stage.

Classify Optimization Hypotheses:

Acquisition Hypotheses works basis on historical data, industry benchmarking & analysis. In this process we classify steps & diagnose key drop off areas in the online conversion cycle.

Work process

Collect Data
Identify Goals
Generate Hypothesis
Create Variations
Run Experiment
Analyse Results

What We Do?

Customer Journey Optimization


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