Google Tag Manager

GTM is a complete tag management solution that allows you to easily deploy and manage all marketing (third party) tags without being dependant on developers. In layman’s term, Google tag manager acts as a container which can communicate with all tag manager servers, therefore you don’t need to make changes in website your code every time.

Below are some key pointers: –

  • Firstly, Audit website to understand the need of Tag Management.
  • Setup Google Tag Manager.
  • Audit current tracking like events, custom dimensions, conversion and third-party codes.
  • Migrate complete existing tracking to Google Tag Manager.
  • Implementation of all event tracking and tags.
  • Thoroughly check security features, tag loading. Detect and remove errors.
  • Debug your site and test it properly in staging phase before publish it on live.

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Benefits for Your Business

Fast, Secure & One Place Control System:

In old ways, tracking user behaviour of any marketing platform was so complicated, unsafe, time consuming, dependent and heavy on site. GTM is advanced way of making tag management very handy, quick and safe solution.

Version Control:

Whenever you publish any change in container, GTM automatically creates a new version. This really safeguards teams which codes are accidentally published on live. You can easily retrieve previous version any time.

Preview and Debug Mode:

GTM built-in debugging feature help you to test that all tags are working properly before publish them on live website.

User Permissions Management:

Google Tag Manager provides different user access permission levels, such as; Read, Edit, Publish, Approve etc. It helps agency/management to give different type of authorization to multiple people basis their involvement in project.

Auto Event Tracking:

This is the advanced feature of GTM which eliminates old complicated event tracking system. Set-up of auto event tracking system enables you to track clicks, form submission, conversions, time spend & much more.

Easy Updates & Future Proof Website:

Future changes and upgrades are much easier in GTM compared to traditional coding, since alteration can be done at interface level but not on every page code of website.

Work process

GTM container Audit
Identify Business Objective (Events, Custom Dimensions, Conversion & affiliates tags etc)
Make Tag implementation strategy
Publish tags for data & insights

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