GTM Implementation Reduced Dependency on Developers

Business Background:

PVR Cinemas is a film entertainment public ltd company in India. The company began as a joint venture agreement between Priya Exhibitors Private Limited and Village Roadshow Limited in 1995 with 60:40 ratio, began its commercial operations in June 1997. The company is founded by Ajay Bijli who is the chairman and managing director of PVR Cinemas.

Brand Objective:

  • PVR wanted to track all marketing campaigns user journey.
  • Wanted to run affiliate campaign with multiple vendors on cost per sale model.
  • They wanted to debug all analytics issues to track all possible data in correct format.

Task & Challenges:

Main challenge client faced that client had to explain a detailed change request after that need to provide codes then wait for weeks to get a release date, move into testing phase and then the tag eventually got published.

  • Implement new tags and tag changes faster
  • Reduce developer hours spent on tagging
  • Improve insights and optimizations


  • Adopted Google Tag Manager.
  • Standardized tagging for website & App.
  • Implement Custom events, AdWords & conversion pixel pages, hundreds of marketing landing pages and more.
  • Pioneered affiliate pixel methodology on Google Tag Manager achieved 100% attribution for affiliate orders to external vendors.


  • Reduced time to manage tags from weeks & months to hours.
  • Streamlined implementation of Remarketing Lists for Search Ads across multiple web properties, decreasing cost per acquisition by 25%.
  • 20% increase in affiliate partnership due to the accurate tagging.