A/B Testing with Google Optimize

A/B & Multi-variant testing is an extremely valuable method which allows you to compare two versions of same web page or app by showing them to different segments of visitors at the same time. Google Optimize helps businesses to evaluate which version is performing better and driving more conversions for them.

AB Testing ensures you about taking data-informed decisions, rather than industry/vertical based perceptions. Below are some key triggers to opt Google Optimize:

  • Small changes in testing could make significant improvements.
  • This is the quickest way to optimize conversions for your targeted audience.
  • Lowest risk method to optimization performance unlike paid marketing random testing.

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Benefits for Your Business

Enhance Your Conversion Rate:

A/B testing is one of the best ways to increase conversions & boost overall performance of website or app. Even small changes can make big impact.

Multiple Options for Testing:

With testing editor help, you can make significant changes in website or mobile site. Google optimize permits you to have access to a variety of testing templates also. You can schedule your experiments such as on Holidays or promotions.

Let Your Data Guide You:

Google Optimize is inherently integrated with analytics to explore which section of site need upgrade. You can use historical data as actionable insights to create best user experience online.

Identify where visitors are losing:

The pain for every website owner is to identify visitor’s abandonment reasons without purchase or desired conversion. Google Optimize allows to run some experiments on particular page to figure out how visitors can be engaged and even convert into clients.

Work process

Collect Data
Identify Goals
Generate Hypothesis
Create Variations
Run Experiment
Analyse Results

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