Video Optimization

Video SEO is a set of techniques to improve visibility of your uploaded video by getting rank around targeted keywords. Video optimization helps to get indexed & rank on video search engines like dailymotion, YouTube etc.

Why “YouTube” SEO:

As we all know that YouTube is a 2nd largest search platform in the world. More than 5 Billion videos are being streamed on YouTube every day. Therefore, you can reach all set of audience. To get noticed in the ocean of videos, you have to rank on top positions in video search which demand advance optimization.

How YouTube SEO works: –         

  • Making High Audience Retention Video Content is the unique key.
  • Optimize auto transcribed captions into search friendly relevant captions & also avoid being considered as spam video or channel.  
  • Add optimized video description which is quite significant to get rank. It has to be constructive, meaningful & smartly keywords driven.  
  • Put related video tags that defines the theme of video.
  • Embed video links in your blog post organically.
  • Link Share at relevant places to get quality back link traffic.


Also some of other factors has to be followed in regular practice, are mentioned below as key pointers:

Video File Name | Video Tittle | Video Quality and Length | Thumbnail | Title Tags | Description Hashtag | Comments | Thumbs ups | Social Shares|  Playlist | Watch time | Channel Keywords


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Benefits for Your Business

Long Lasting Impact

Video always connects far convincingly than text or audio. As per research, more than 70% people easily recall & recollect the memory of what they have watched rather than read.

Reach Interested Audience

YouTube as a platform allows you to reach targeted audience who are interested to consume your created content

Direct Brand Awareness

YouTube video promotion helps to build strong brand awareness by giving relevant information about product or service with quick messaging & smart call to actions

Indirect “Return on Investment”

If your video serves exact content which matches with viewer intent, then he might convert into a prominent consumer later. In that case, video will be considered as first touch point towards final attribution

Instant Feedback

Viewers share instant response about video and other aspects. As Business owner, you should use these feedbacks into feedforwards. It helps to make rectified approach towards end goal.

Audience Retention

It says the average percentage of users who watched video. Video has to be compelling enough to gain high user engagement. Audience retention is the key to get higher YouTube SEO ranking also

Work process

Generate List of Curated Keywords
Publish “High Retention” Videos
Complete YouTube Video Optimization
Achieve Higher Rank in YouTube Search Results

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